4 20 Friendly Baby

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The two things that seem to run out when you need them most: cigarettes and tampons.

My room has no room.
-Who said you couldn’t move mountains?- Jude Winters
Let’s turn the world upside down. Day is night, night is day. Let’s assume everything we knew up to this point is a lie and make up our own truth. Our fears are our happiness and the weight of the world is on it’s own shoulders. -Upside Down- By Jude Winter
-Find your Way- By Jude Winter
"like the dust dancing in the flicker light of a projector at the cinema. A million atoms of constant… sort of is-ness…" Third Star 

Time-Lapse of the Geminid Meteor Shower.  
Viewed from Big Sur, CA   December 2012
Video Credit: Kenneth Brandon   



An abandoned babydoll underwater.

this is really scary but also the doll looks like it is playing a saxaphone